Healthy and Safety

Do not allow Fleximent 201 to be contaminated by other materials. Gloves and google should be worn. Any splashes to the skin or eye should be washed off with clean water. Store in cool and dry place.

FLEXIMENT® 201(Flexible Cementitious Waterproofing Coating)


Fleximent® 201 is a two-component, flexible cementitious waterproofing coating comprising of a proprietarysynthetic resin dispersion and a blend of selected cement mixed with filler. Once cured, the membrane allows entrapped water vapour to escape but yet remain impermeable to water.

Fleximent ®201 is a flexible,adheres to most surfaces and fills hairline cracks. It has excellent resistance to wear weather, abrasion, aggressive soil and contaminated ground water.

Fleximent ®201 acts as an effective waterproofing coating for floors, walls water retaining structures and planter boxes. It may be applied onto surfaces in contact with potable water.

Fleximent® 201 may be applied to damp surfaces. It contains no chlorine and salts that cause corrosion and efflorescence and is resistance to frost and thawing salts.

Fleximent ® 201 meets the requirements of British Standard BS 6920:90 and Singapore Standard SS 375:94.


Surfaces should be clean,free from honeycombs,voids, dirt,loose, material,paint,oil,curing agents or other contaminants.

Prior to application,dampen the substrate with a brush or roller.

  • Pour Part A(liquid) into a clean container.
  • Pour Part B(powder) slowly into Part A.
  • Mix with a low speed drill fitted with a purpose-made paddle, ensuring the mix is homogeneous and lump-free.

Fleximent®201 may be applied by squeegee, roller or brush to horizontal and vertical surfaces. Ensure that air is not entrapped in the membrane. For joints and corners, apply the slurry with a brush ensuring that area are worked and covered well. Allow curing to take place completely before applying the second coat.Protect freshly applied surfaces from strong sunlight and drying wind with a polyethylene sheet.

Fleximent® 201 once cured, should be covered by a protective screed as soon as possible. Care should be exercised to prevent damage to the waterproofing during subsequent construction work prior to laying of the protection screed.

Fleximent® 201 should be applied in2 coats at a coverage of 1.0Kg – 1.1 Kg per sq .m .per coat for a final dry film thickness of approximately 1.2 mm.


Mix density   1300 Kg/m3
Mixed colour   Grey
Pot Life @ 35ံC   approx.1 hour
Drying time   1-3 hours
Water penetration test   0,no water penetration (DIN 1048)
Crack bridging   2mm (ASTM C836)
Hardness Shore A   >50 (ASTM D2240)
Adhesion to substrate   >1.0 N/mm2
Water vapour transmission   <21 g/m2.d (ASTM E96-93)
Tensile strength   >1.6N/mm2 (ASTM D412)
Elongation at break   >150% (ASTM D412)

Fleximent® 201

  • Fleximent® 201သည္ ၂မ်ိဳး စပ္ ေကြးနိုင္ ဆန့္နိုင္ေသာေရလံုအလႊာသုတ္ေဆး ျဖစ္ပါသည္။ ရာဘာတုSynthenicနွင့္ အထူး ျပဳလုပ္ထားေသာဘိလပ္ေျမ ျဖင့္ ေရာေနွာထားေသာပစၥည္းျဖစ္ပါသည္။ Fleximent 201ကို အသံုးျပဳ ျပီးပါက Slab တြင္ ပိတ္မိေနေသာေရကိုအေငြ႔ ပ်ံထြက္ေစေသာ္လည္းမ်က္နွာျပင္ ေပၚရွိက်န္ရွိေသာေရကိုစိမ့္ မ၀င္ေစရန္ တားဆီးေပးသည္။
  • Fleximent®201သည္ က်ံဳ နိုင္ ဆန့္နိုင္ ျခင္း၊ မ်က္နွာ ျပင္ အေတာ္မ်ားမ်ားကိုတြယ္ကပ္နိုင္ျခင္းနွင္. အက္္ကြဲေၾကာင္းမ်ားကို ျဖည့္ စြက္ေပးနိုင္ပါသည္။
  • Fleximent® 201အသံုးျပဳျခင္းျဖင့္ ရာသီဥတုဒဏ္ ၊ ပြန္းပဲ့ ဒဏ္ ၾကမ္းတမ္းေသာေျမမ်က္နွာ ျပင္နွင့္ ညစ္ညမ္းေသာေရဆိုးမ်ား၏ ဒဏ္ကိုအထူးကာကြယ္ေပးနိုင္ပါသည္။
  • ထို႔ေၾကာင့္ Fleximent® 201ကို ၾကမ္းခင္း ၊ နံရံ၊ ပန္းစိုက္ ေသတၱာမ်ားေရခ်ိဳးခန္းအိမ္သာ၊ ေရကူးကန္၊ ေရကန္ တို႔တြင္အသံုးျပဳနိုင္ပါသည္။